The Plenti CMS provides media management tools so non-technical content editors can upload new images or PDFs and place them on pages as they see fit. All media that you want available in the CMS should be placed in the top-level media folder for your project and if you'd like the discoverable CMS to provide a widget for managing media on a page, you should provide the full media path in your JSON content source (e.g. /media/people/steph.webp).


Filters are created automatically based on the folder structure of where the media file is located. This provides a way to quickly narrow down your media results when searching for a particular file. The in-page media widget will automatically apply the appropriate filter when swapping an image for another image in the media library, or uploading a new image from your local computer.

Deleting Files

If deleting media files through the admin interface, the CMS makes a best effort to scan your content source for references. Please note, this is for convenience and should not be relied on for making an absolute determination that the file isn't being used - it only picks up on full path media files (like the discoverable CMS), it won't pick up on shorthand that your developer may use to reference files in content and hardcode prefixes / suffixes in their layouts. It will provide a confirmation tooltip for safety, similar to deleting content.